Any Birthday Theme is a DIY with this amazing cake decorating tutorial from

DIY Edible Birthday Cake Image

Any Birthday Theme is a DIY with this amazing cake decorating tutorial from

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This year my daughter came to me and asked for a Glitter Force theme for her Birthday Party. This left me with limited options, since the Netflix Original is not “mainstream” (yet) in the United States, so I could not simply walk into a bakery and request a cake made from the design book.

Pinterest to the rescue! I had pinned a tutorial a long time ago on how to create just about any image on a cake easily – made entirely of frosting. I was hopeful but skeptical – and I must say I was pleased with the results, though there are a few things I will do differently next time.

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What you will need:

  • A coloring book page of the image you’d like
  • A piece of glass out of a picture frame
  • Wax Paper
  • Frosting
  • Piping supplies (bags and decorating tips) or ziplock baggies
  • Tape

What you need to do:

STEP 1: Select the image. You will want to search for a coloring book page (I did that on the internet) and print it in “mirror image” if there is any writing or logos on the image. Consider the size of your cake and the size of image you’d like. You can always resize the image when printing if necessary.  If it’s an actual coloring book page you can resize and mirror-image with a copy machine as well.

STEP 2: Assemble your work space. Tape the coloring book page to the glass with the image facing the glass. Tape wax paper on the other side of the glass. You will have a “sandwich” with the glass in between the coloring book page and the wax paper.

Any Birthday Theme is a DIY with this amazing cake decorating tutorial from

STEP 3: Outline. Begin with black frosting.  You can find black food coloring at most craft stores in the baking aisle, and add it to your store bought or homemade frosting. I prefer THIS recipe for homemade frosting over any other options!  You could use decorating bags and tips, or put the frosting in a ziplock bag and cut a small piece out of the corner – both options will work, though for the outline you will want a very small opening.  The tip I used is the Wilton Decorating Tip, No.3 Round, though I do think I will buy the Wilton #1 Round Decorating Tip for next time!  Carefully trace the black outlines from the coloring sheet onto your wax paper, and fill in any large areas that will be black. When you are done, put the entire thing in the freezer for an hour or so, so that it can firm up and you can move on to your other colors.

Any Birthday Theme is a DIY with this amazing cake decorating tutorial from

STEP 4: Color it in. One color at a time, fill in the coloring page you created with frosting. Because you are working from the back of the image, it is okay if you overlap the colors you already used, but ensure that you do not get any frosting on any empty spaces that still need color.  I used zip lock bags for this part of the process since I did not need as precise of a line.  When the image is complete, place it in the freezer overnight.

Any Birthday Theme is a DIY with this amazing cake decorating tutorial from

STEP 5: Prepare your cake. You could cheat a bit and order a cake from any bakery, requesting that it not be decorated, or do what I did and make your favorite from a store bought mix, or from scratch.  We make the cake the same night we prepare the image so that it can cool completely overnight.  You will want your cake frosting to be as cool as possible (we refrigerate the frosted cake overnight), and your image should be frozen. Carefully remove the wax paper from the glass and trim the wax paper if you have a lot of excess – this just makes it easier to handle. Flip your frosting image upside down onto the cake – make sure you know where you want it – it is not repositionable! Slowly peel off the wax paper, I started in a corner, but that may not be necessary.  If your image does not begin to transfer well, put the entire cake in the freezer for 30 minutes and then try again.

Any Birthday Theme is a DIY with this amazing cake decorating tutorial from

STEP 6: Voila! You have created your own edible image made completely of frosting! Now, add your message and you’re ready to impress your family and friends!

Any Birthday Theme is a DIY with this amazing cake decorating tutorial from
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Fuller House: Is it Family-Friendly?

A review & Answering-

When ever I may review a movie, television show, or something similar I will try my best not to post any major spoilers that will negatively impact the way in which you enjoy the show… but, sometimes I may reference examples to support my opinions. Please read with your own discretion.

I grew up watching Full House as a part of the TGIF lineup.  My whole family looked forward to it, and we literally watched the cast grow up on the show.  Throughout my adult years I would catch reruns here and there and find comfort in enjoying the family-friendly sitcom that I remembered from my childhood.  When I heard that there would be a new series I was excited – and when I heard it would be a Netflix Original I was even more excited!

My husband and I have determined that Netflix really knows what they are doing.  We thoroughly enjoy all the Netflix Original shows they produce and love having the ability to binge watch a series.  Fuller House was no exception – we LOVED it!

The first episode is a little longer than the others, because they take time to introduce all the characters and fill in the gaps as to what they have been doing since we last saw them.   I enjoyed the ways in which the producers developed the stories of my favorite characters, and laughed out loud when the original cast broke their acting for a moment after a joke directed at Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (who played Michelle) and opted not to be involved with the new series.  It was also fun to meet the new cast members, most notably DJ’s children and Kimmy’s daughter.  It’s clear to me that DJ’s son Max will continue to provide the comic relief (similar to Michelle in Full House) – he is cute and funny, and probably my favorite character so far!

The nostalgia is “on fleek” – everything from the iconic couch and our favorite pup (well, Comet Junior Junior), down to the phrases we know and love (Have mercyHow rude… and You got it dude!”).  One of my favorite nostalgic moments was when they split the screen for one scene in which the main characters sing the Flinstone’s theme song to DJ’s baby – perfectly recreated from an original scene from the 90s where the same characters sung to Michelle – and both scenes were shown concurrently.

They also have done an outstanding job of modernizing the show.  There are a lot of references and jokes tied into current events: including Donald Trump, Cameron Bure’s role on The View, and jokes tied to modern day lingo (like the above mentioned “on fleek”).   I loved watching the jokes of the past meet the jokes of today.  The series also includes cameo appearances from current icons like singer Macy Gray, San Francisco Giants baseball player Hunter Pence, and the Chmerkovskiy brothers from Dancing with the Stars.

We almost always watch new shows (Fuller House included) after the kids go to bed – not because we don’t want them to see it, but because we really want to watch and enjoy it the first time around (without distractions from the kids).  It also gives us an opportunity to screen the show to determine if it’s appropriate for the kids.  The show is written for those of us who grew up with Full House, and the focus is slightly more adult than Full House was.  In Fuller House you will hear words like “sexy,” references to butts and boobs, etc.  The show walks a fine line – one that my husband and I are personally comfortable allowing our children to watch, but I also know many parents who felt it was inappropriate for their child’s eyes.  Having said that, there are many instances when I watch a movie or TV show that I enjoyed as a child and when I see it through my “mommy goggles” I am astonished at some of the innuendos and content – but children really are ignorant to many of those hidden messages – it’s entirely possible that this is one of those instances.

Overall I think Fuller House does an amazing job modernizing the sitcom feel I remember from Full House.  I laughed, I cried, and I thoroughly enjoyed every episode of Fuller House – as did my 8 year old.  I am thrilled to hear that they WILL be producing a second season!


Have you watched Fuller House?  I’d love to hear your opinion – and just for fun, are you Team Steve?  Or Team Matt?