This Mother's Day, Remember that It's ALL Worth It!

Remember: It’s All Worth It

Mother’s Day is this coming weekend, and I am thrilled and honored to be partnering with Linqia and Gerber Brand to share an “It’s all worth it” moment with you! Gerber is the brand I trust most as I raise four little Gerber babies of my own – and I love that I am now able to partner with such an amazing company to share this heartfelt message on a weekend that means so much to me – as a mom.

Lulu + Stir Coffee is delicious, fresh, empowers women, & supports small businesses - and they deliver! Amazing!

Be Bold. Be Different. Be Lulu.

GIVEAWAY! Lulu + Stir Coffee is delicious, fresh, empowers women, & supports small businesses - and they deliver! Amazing!
GIVEAWAY! Lulu + Stir Coffee is delicious, fresh, empowers women, & supports small businesses - and they deliver! Amazing!

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I have started a new habit.  I wake up 15 minutes before the rest of the house so that I can brew a cup of coffee and start my day with some “me” time.  99% of my day is spent taking care of others (my kids, clients, husband, etc.) and I have learned that before I can take care of anyone else, I need to take care of myself. Sometimes I enjoy just sitting outside and reflecting, and other times I completing a relaxing task like coloring in my adult coloring books.  Either way, I always have my cup of coffee.

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Earlier this year I was introduced to Lulu + Stir, a coffee company that focuses on empowering women and supporting small family-owned farms.  As a “momtrepreneur” I have a soft spot for any business that supports local, small, and/or family-owned businesses AND empowering women.

Lulu + Stir Coffee is delicious, fresh, empowers women, & supports small businesses - and they deliver! Amazing!

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Lulu + Stir’s 6 signature brews are Be Bold, Be Calm, Be True, Be Brilliant, Be Different, and Be Chill.  All the brews are hand-roasted and shipped within 2 days of roasting to ensure you are getting the most fresh coffee available.  The packaging includes fun motivational quotes and you can sign up for a “Weekly Stir” newsletter sent on Sunday mornings with an “Ask Lulu” article and other empowering content.  You can place a onetime order, or set up a subscription so that you never run out of coffee.

Lulu + Stir Coffee is delicious, fresh, empowers women, & supports small businesses - and they deliver! Amazing! EveryMomDay.comLulu + Stir Coffee is delicious, fresh, empowers women, & supports small businesses - and they deliver! Amazing!

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If you are not sure which brew you’d like to try most, Lulu + Stir offers a sampler pack so you can try one pot of each of the 5 hot brews!

Lulu + Stir Coffee is delicious, fresh, empowers women, & supports small businesses - and they deliver! Amazing!

For a limited time only you can purchase the inaugural Coffee Lover’s Box!  A box chock full of coffee and coffee inspired goodies, the perfect gift for the coffee lover or treat for yourself. With a full-sized bag of Lulu + Stir’s signature Be True coffee blend, an eco-friendly travel mug, a beautiful bracelet, an advance copy of a great summer read (that’s not available to anyone but you until summer) and a host of yummy treats and goodies, it’s close to $200 worth of coffee-inspired goodness for $49.95. And shipping is free.

Lulu + Stir Coffee is delicious, fresh, empowers women, & supports small businesses - and they deliver! Amazing!

*not all items are pictured

Lulu + Stir’s inaugural Coffee Lover’s Box will sell out so reserve yours now! All boxes ship April 28th, 2016.  Order now and receive $5 off with coupon code: clb

It may seem silly to some, but I feel like starting my day with 15 minutes of me time and a cup of my favorite Lulu + Stir coffee really sets me up for success.  It makes me feel like I am ready to own the day – regardless of what life has in store for me.

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Lulu + Stir is a company I really believe in, and I would like to spread the Lulu love by offering a giveaway for my wonderful followers!

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Personalized Wine. Delivered. This mommy's dream come true!

Wine: Delivered!

Personalized Wine. Delivered. This mommy's dream come true!

This post contains affiliate links – see full disclosures here.

Subscription boxes are popping up like daisies.  Wherever your passions and interests lie, chances are there is a subscription service to fuel your fun.  It’s no secret that I am a wine lover.  Not a connoisseur by any means – just a mom who enjoys a sip of a semi-dry after a long day of mommy duties.  Discovering Club W and their personalized wine delivery service was a dream come true.  I waited no time at all to get started exploring their wine options.

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Club W offers a little quiz asking questions about how you like your coffee, salt, citrus and more to build some initial recommendations for you – or you can opt to explore on your own.  I enjoyed taking the quiz and also had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for (semi-dry, no oak).  I selected 2 chardonnays, a rose, and a white blend.

Personalized Wine. Delivered. This mommy's dream come true!

My wine arrived quickly (within a week) and the box is well made with a sturdy and convenient handle on one side.   Because it’s alcohol, someone 21+ must sign for the package when it’s delivered, so it’s recommended that you ship to work if someone is not typically home during the day.  I love that so much thought went into the box it’s shipped in.  It’d be easy and convenient to receive it at work and transport it home.  Without that handle, I know I’d be clumsily trying to carry the box through the parking lot and something bad would likely happen (lol).


All my wine arrived safe and sound, and I uncorked bottle #1 last week, and bottle #2 this weekend!  I was able to go back into my account on Club W and rate the wines (I definitely preferred one over the other) and Club W will take my ratings into consideration as they continue to make recommendations for me!  I also love that each wine comes with an information card which includes a recipe it pairs well with, which will help me when I am entertaining.

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Getting wine delivered to your door is quite possibly the best thing ever – and I am so glad I gave Club W a try!  I am looking forward to trying new wines and finding a couple favorites to order by the case and always keep on hand, too!  They have a great promotion going on now – you can save $20 off your first order!  Plus, if you order 4 or more bottles you receive free shipping!  And, they have great referral perks too – so after you try it, you can share your referral link with your friends and you both will benefit from discounts!


After you try your first wines, come back and let me know what you think!

I do not have a cell phone. I do not want a cell phone. How to get rid of your cell phone.

I Don’t Have a Cell Phone

Why I don't have a cell phone - and I don't want one!

I don’t consider myself “old” yet.  Maybe that is silly – maybe no one realizes how old they really are?!  I remember back when pagers were the thing.  I had a big ol’ white pager that was handed down from my mom.  My friends and I would page phone numbers as well as “codes” (143 = I love you).  At that time my mom also had a car phone that was stored in (what can only be described as) a suitcase in the trunk of her car.  Over the next 20 ish years cell phones got smaller – then bigger – styles changing to suit the changing demand.  One trend that was clear is that everyone was making the move to mobile phones.  Now a days, most people I talk to don’t have a landline anymore, relying on their cell for everything from phone calls and texting to social media and web-surfing.

A friend recently posted this on his Facebook page:

Have you ever monitored how often you are on your phone? I noticed that on average I am using some sort of social media app upwards of 3+ hours a day, 7 days a week. In one year that’s 45.5 days straight of being on my phone. 45.5 days a year that I don’t notice my kids, I forget about responsibilities and use excuses when I can’t “find the time” to get something done. Social media isn’t free if it costs you the only thing we can never get more of… Time. I’m restricting myself to less than 1 hour a day going forward. (Dave S. – Rochester, NY)

The calculations are shocking, and I am willing to bet that they are not unusual for most people these days.

Interesting - explains how she saves $150+/month and gets more time with her kids.

Here is the part that seems to shock everyone – my household does not have a cell phone (or a landline, actually).  It has been 2 years since we closed our contracts.  At first, I felt naked and lost.  Like a baby forced to give up the pacifier that comforts her when she’s sad, and occupies her when she’s bored.  Many people tell me the reasons why they could never give up their cells – and honestly, if you don’t want to unplug then don’t – but many of the reasons I hear make me smile, because those things all apply to me too – and I thought them all before we unplugged.  I have 4 children, children with special needs, in school, multiple service providers, job contacts, babysitters, family, friends… we survived without cell phones when I was a kid and we survive just fine without them today.

Without my cell phone, I am forced to be more present and “in the moment” with my children, friends, family, and people in general.  I feel like I am able to be more of the mom that I want to be when I don’t get wrapped up in social media while I am out and about.  I don’t check my phone at the playground, the waiting room at dance class, or in the line at the grocery store.  Instead I watch my kids play if I am not pushing them on the swings.  I chat with other moms/people in the waiting room, playgrounds, or lines.  I flip through an occasional magazine.   I have plenty of time to be social on the phone/online when I am home – during nap times and bed times and when I designate “work” time (still a balance for sure)!

So what do we do?

I have an app (Talkatone) installed on our iPad and the deactivated iPhone that provides me with voice and texting capabilities using wifi at little to no cost.  With the deactivated iPhone, it will still work to call 911 so I typically keep it charged and with me in case of an emergency, and I will occasionally use it for the camera while I am out and about.  I simply tell people that my phone is not a traditional cell phone and that it can only be used with wifi, so it’s more like a landline but I can make calls at locations with free wifi as well if needed – and so many places have free wifi these days from the grocery store to doctors offices and restaurants.  Even though I have access to the apps anywhere there is wifi, eliminating the phone/data plans 2 years ago changed the way I rely on the phone and I find I rarely reach for it.

We save a bunch of money this way.  Our internet bill is about $40/month and if I need to purchase minutes to make outbound calls (the Talkatone app provides 60 mins free a month) it’s only .99/60 mins.  We also use the FaceTime on the iPad to further reduce the need for using the phone app.  When we had cell phones through one of the leading national companies, we were paying upwards of $140/month on our cell phones alone – plus we had separate wifi charges as well – and the rates are only rising.

Getting rid of cell phones has saved us money, and gave us time to be present with the people in our lives and really enjoy the little moments.  As strange as it sounds these days, my household does not have a cell phone – nor, do we want one.

How do you feel about your cell usage?

Mom Hack Monday: Saving our Screen Door

Mom Hack Monday Baby Gate Save Screen Patio Door

I do not think I have enough Mom Hacks to make this a weekly post – but I have one THIS week! Now, this may be old news to some of you – but you have to understand that this solved a big issues we have been dealing with for a while now – the kids push on the screen of our patio door and it causes the screen to detach from the frame leaving gaps for bugs to get in.

If your kids are as completely terrified of bugs as mine are (heck, I am too!), then you know how serious this can be.

Often times it means we can not leave our sliding door open to enjoy the breeze. Or, dad has to remove the door and use our handy dandy screen repair tool to repair the screen. Now this tool is amazing and the best home repair purchase we’ve made recently – we had no idea how easy it is to repair a screen! BONUS: It looks a lot better than duck tape!

But even though its an easy fix – no one wants to repair the same project every. single. day.


My mom hack? One of the inexpensive and adjustable wooden baby gates! It easily fits right into the door frame and keeps the baby and the little ones away from the screen. Even though my big kids COULD just reach over it and still touch the screen – they don’t! Just giving them that additional boundary 3 inches from the screen keeps them away from it.
Mom Hack Monday Saving our Screen Door

It’s such a simple fix – I am just bummed we did not think of it sooner!