Mom Hack Monday: Saving our Screen Door

Mom Hack Monday Baby Gate Save Screen Patio Door

I do not think I have enough Mom Hacks to make this a weekly post – but I have one THIS week! Now, this may be old news to some of you – but you have to understand that this solved a big issues we have been dealing with for a while now – the kids push on the screen of our patio door and it causes the screen to detach from the frame leaving gaps for bugs to get in.

If your kids are as completely terrified of bugs as mine are (heck, I am too!), then you know how serious this can be.

Often times it means we can not leave our sliding door open to enjoy the breeze. Or, dad has to remove the door and use our handy dandy screen repair tool to repair the screen. Now this tool is amazing and the best home repair purchase we’ve made recently – we had no idea how easy it is to repair a screen! BONUS: It looks a lot better than duck tape!

But even though its an easy fix – no one wants to repair the same project every. single. day.


My mom hack? One of the inexpensive and adjustable wooden baby gates! It easily fits right into the door frame and keeps the baby and the little ones away from the screen. Even though my big kids COULD just reach over it and still touch the screen – they don’t! Just giving them that additional boundary 3 inches from the screen keeps them away from it.
Mom Hack Monday Saving our Screen Door

It’s such a simple fix – I am just bummed we did not think of it sooner!