Discover the family-friendly features that make a Diamondbacks game the perfect destination for Family Friendly Fun in Phoenix!

Family Fun with the Diamondbacks

Last night my family checked out Chase Field and an Arizona Diamondbacks game for the first time – not only was it our first time at Chase Field, it was my kids’ first baseball game! I want to share some bits and pieces from our experience bringing 4 kids to the ballpark, as well as some tips and tricks for making the experience amazing when your family visits as well!

How do YOU dunk? We FLIP for Oreo Cookies! #OreoDunkSweepstakes ---

Oreo Cookies: This is How WE Dunk!

The Oreo Dunk Sweepstakes is your chance to win a VIP Dunking Experience with Shaquille O’Neal or Christina Aguilera PLUS $2,000! Entering is really easy and delicious – wait till you see how my family dunks!

Awesome After-School Moments made better with Goldfish Crackers!

Awesome After-School Moments #GoldfishMoments

Weekday evenings are the busiest time of day for my family. We have to do school/babysitter pickup, dinner, homework, and our bedtime routine – times 4 – all in just over 2 hours. It can be difficult to make evenings enjoyable and not just a rush to get everything done. I am always looking for creative ways to make ordinary moments extraordinary, and this week Goldfish crackers helped make that happen!

Shopping at Target is even more fun when you find new snacks like Gerber Lil' Beanies!

Lil’ Beanies = Big Fans!

When we pick the kids up from the babysitter the first words they say are not “we missed you” they are “I’m hungry!” I am constantly on the search for snack options that I love for their healthiness as much as they love for their tastiness. Last week we were at Target and noticed Gerber Lil’ Beanies on the shelves…

These baby-approved recipes are quick and easy with Gerber Lil'Bits!

Baby Food Recipes Made Easy with Gerber Lil’Bits

There are many ways in which parenting a 4th child is different than being a first-time parent. One thing that has not changed, is the way we feed our kids, and Gerber 3rd Foods with Lil’ Bits are the perfect transition from purees to table foods!

Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing!

Apple Pie Cupcakes

Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing! EveryMomDay.comI received product and/or compensation in consideration for this review, all opinions are my own. Read full disclosure here. (Originally posted at

Do you have the best recipe using Eggland’s Best Eggs? Our friends at Eggland’s Best are searching for the most creative and delicious recipes from your kitchen that celebrate Eggland’s Best eggs. Does your recipe highlight the best local ingredient from your state PLUS Eggland’s Best eggs? Enter your original recipe in the “America’s Best Recipe” Contest. Each recipe must contain at least two whole Eggland’s Best eggs, and highlight an ingredient from your home state. Whether it’s a recipe using Georgia peaches or Maine lobster, Eggland’s Best is looking for America’s Best.

Representing NY State is the apple! The apple is the state fruit, and we’ve collected some amazing recipes for you here – make sure you only use NY Apples and Eggland’s Best eggs for the BEST results! I love Eggland’s Best eggs because of all the added nutritional benefits: they have less saturated fat and calories, and more Omega 3’s, Lutein and vitamins D, B, and E than other eggs. I’d like to share my nomination for America’s Best Recipe: Apple Pie Cupcakes!

Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing!

My kids and I have recently gotten into the TV show Cupcake Wars (it’s on Netflix!) so I knew I wanted to make cupcakes and incorporate Apples (New York City is called the Big Apple for a reason, right?!). I found out that not only are apples the state fruit, but apple muffins are the official state muffins! Who knew? If New York were to have a state cupcake I’d be willing to bet THIS would be it!

And they are not difficult at all! You could be creative with the type of cake you use for the cupcake – but we love the butter recipe yellow cakes – they have them in store brand and name brand varieties). Check your specific box for ingredients but mine called for butter, water, and Eggland’s Best eggs. Eggland’s Best Eggs can be found in most supermarkets across the country. Click here for a store near you. Cook the cupcakes as directed. While they are cooking open a jar of apple pie filling and dice it up with a knife so that the pieces are small and you can use it to fill your cupcakes when they are ready.
Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing!
I also like to make my frosting now – while the cupcakes are cooking and cooling – so it’s ready to go! You will blend the butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla until it is light and fluffy. Then add the confectioners sugar one cup at a time. The milk should be added at the very end.
Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing! EveryMomDay.comAfter the cupcakes have cooled completely, use a knife to core out a piece of the middle – don’t go too deep or too wide – you want the cupcakes to hold together! Spoon a little pie filling into your cupcake and place the cored middle piece back on top. Then you are ready to frost the cupcakes and garnish with (optional) cinnamon and/or an apple slice. See the full recipe below!
Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing! EveryMomDay.comEnter today and you could be the Grand Prize Winner and win $10,000. One winner from each state will compete for a $1,000 “Best in Region” prize, and the winners of “Best in Region” will go head-to-head to determine just who has America’s Best Recipe. For complete Contest rules, click here. Entries are being accepted from Feb 8 – April 29. Click here to enter now!

Eggland's Best is looking for America's Best Recipe - Enjoy this Apple Pie Cupcake for some inspiration!

Cheddar Bunny “Carrots”

Easter comes early this year and we are beginning to have Easter fun with our crafts and snacks!  I saw an idea I loved on Pinterest, and it looked simple enough, so when it turned into a Pinterest-fail I was pretty bummed.  I debated scrapping the whole project and just tossing the snack in a bowl… but my 4 year old came to the rescue.  She took one look at my failed project and exclaimed, “Is it Easter?!”  Other images you see of the same idea may be better/prettier… but my kids did not know the difference.  All they saw was a super special Easter treat – one that was inexpensive and simple to execute.    Lesson learned!

Even if you don't think you're crafty - your kids think you are amazing and love anything you make them! Click To Tweet

The idea I wanted to duplicate involved using a piping bag filled with goldfish crackers and tied with green ribbon so that it looked like a carrot!  But, I am cheap frugal and I did not want to purchase 2 dozen piping bags (since we were bringing this snack to a play date), plus, the kids are all little and surely they would not eat that many crackers.  So, I altered the idea and bought small flip-top sandwich bags, planning to simply add some crackers, hold them in one corner, twist and tie off.  Instead of goldfish crackers, I picked up some of the Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies crackers – they seemed more Easter-y to me!  Problem was, the bag corner was not a hard/defined point, and my “carrots” ended up looking more like strawberries.  Boo!

How to assemble these adorable "baby carrot" snacks with bunny crackers!

But, the kids loved them and I decided they were actually Baby Carrots!  Those little guys are stumpy and not defined like their full-sized versions.  Less expensive, less waste, and a big hit with the toddlers and preschoolers at our play date!

These adorable snacks are packaged to look like baby carrots and are full of cheddar bunny crackers! What a great idea for Easter baskets or just a simple spring snack!

What is your favorite Easter-themed snack?