DIY Maracas using Easter Eggs, spoons, tape and macaroni! Easy and the kids will LOVE it!

Easter Egg Maracas

What do you do with your Easter Eggs after Easter?  This craft is inexpensive, quick & easy – and the best part is how much the kids LOVE it.

I thought it would be fun, but I had no idea how big of a hit this craft was with kids of all ages.  My 10 month old and my 8 year old both loved their maracas, so did all the kids at our play date: boys & girls ranging in age from 1-8.

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What you need (per maraca):

  • One Easter Egg
  • 2 Plastic Spoons
  • Masking Tape
  • Dry Elbow Macaroni (you can also use beans, popcorn kernels, rice, etc.)

The materials needed to make Maracas: An Easter egg, spoons, tape and macaroni

Fill half of your egg with macaroni.  Close the egg tightly and sandwich it between the 2 spoons.  Take a small piece of masking tape and tape the handles together and a larger piece of masking tape to tape around the spoons and the egg, making sure to tape over the opening of the egg so that it has extra reinforcement to stay closed.

Maracas: A great DIY craft the kids would enjoy after they find their eggs!

You can leave your maraca like that – or cover it completely with tape for a different look.

DIY Maracas made with an Easter egg, spoons, tape and dry macaroni - the kids will LOVE them and they're easy to make!

I found some fun patterned masking tape at Target – but you could also use plain masking tape and decorate it with markers!

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DIY Maracas made with an Easter egg, spoons, tape and dry macaroni - the kids will LOVE them and they're easy to make!

Cheddar Bunny “Carrots”

Easter comes early this year and we are beginning to have Easter fun with our crafts and snacks!  I saw an idea I loved on Pinterest, and it looked simple enough, so when it turned into a Pinterest-fail I was pretty bummed.  I debated scrapping the whole project and just tossing the snack in a bowl… but my 4 year old came to the rescue.  She took one look at my failed project and exclaimed, “Is it Easter?!”  Other images you see of the same idea may be better/prettier… but my kids did not know the difference.  All they saw was a super special Easter treat – one that was inexpensive and simple to execute.    Lesson learned!

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The idea I wanted to duplicate involved using a piping bag filled with goldfish crackers and tied with green ribbon so that it looked like a carrot!  But, I am cheap frugal and I did not want to purchase 2 dozen piping bags (since we were bringing this snack to a play date), plus, the kids are all little and surely they would not eat that many crackers.  So, I altered the idea and bought small flip-top sandwich bags, planning to simply add some crackers, hold them in one corner, twist and tie off.  Instead of goldfish crackers, I picked up some of the Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies crackers – they seemed more Easter-y to me!  Problem was, the bag corner was not a hard/defined point, and my “carrots” ended up looking more like strawberries.  Boo!

How to assemble these adorable "baby carrot" snacks with bunny crackers!

But, the kids loved them and I decided they were actually Baby Carrots!  Those little guys are stumpy and not defined like their full-sized versions.  Less expensive, less waste, and a big hit with the toddlers and preschoolers at our play date!

These adorable snacks are packaged to look like baby carrots and are full of cheddar bunny crackers! What a great idea for Easter baskets or just a simple spring snack!

What is your favorite Easter-themed snack?