Mathnasium: Making Math Fun for My Kids!

My oldest is a bright kid, but math has never been her strong suit.  We have struggled for years with trying to help her catch up at home.  We were thrilled to discover the Mathnasium – a center that not only focuses on Math, but does so in a way that is fun and customized to the child.

My 5-year-old, on the other hand, is a new kindergartener.  While she is not behind in Math at this time, we decided to enroll her to help her develop her skills, and because she enjoys doing the same thing as her big sister.

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The Mathnasium is staffed so that there is an employee working with anywhere from 1-8 kids, depending on the level of support that the child needs.  There were times that each of my kids required the 1:1 attention, and at other times they were equipped to work independently.

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Each child has a binder that remains at the center with their individualized lessons contained in them.  When they arrive for their weekly session (well, typically children attend up to 3 times a week, actually), they grab their binder and spend the first 30 minutes working on their Mathnasium-developed plans.  The second 30-minutes is spent working on their current homework brought from school.  The kids never get additional homework from Mathnasium!

Built into the curriculum is a system of rewards that can result in the spinning of a prize wheel, and/or selecting a prize based on the number of tickets they save up.

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I was pleasantly surprised that both girls enjoy attending Mathnasium, despite the focus on Math.  I believe that the methodology they use really helps to break down the material in a way that kids can understand it, and the reward system is, of course, a great motivator.

Whether your child is struggling in math, hitting the benchmarks, or just enjoys an added mathematical challenge, Mathnasium is a wonderful local business to foster the love of learning and math!

The Mathnasium of Gilbert helps students build their fundamental skills in Math, provide school homework help and test preparation – all with no additional homework! All practice is done at the center with specially trained Mathnasium certified instructors.

Mathnasium Program for Students from Kindergarten through Grade 12 includes:

  • Customized learning plan for each student designed to build the students’ fundamental understanding of key concepts and skills.
  • Individual instruction and guided practice with Mathnasium certified instructors.
  • Each session is 60 minutes for Elementary and Middle School Math and 90 minutes for High School Math instruction.
  • Homework Assistance and Test Preparation.
  • Periodic progress reports and post assessments.
  • Sibling discount available.
  • Vacation allowances.

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