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May is Photo Month! So, in addition to these fun holidays to celebrate, make sure you take lots of pictures to capture the memories you make with your kids!  Follow me on Instagram as I commit to posting one photo every day in the Month of May!

Check out this list of fun and unusual holidays, along with some suggestions on how to celebrate with your kids – and scroll all the way to the end for a FREE printable PDF calendar!

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1 ~ Mother Goose Day: Read some of your favorite Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

2 ~ Baby Day: Spend time with a baby you know – maybe its your child, a niece/nephew, or friend.  Does anyone really need an excuse for baby cuddles?  Don’t forget to bring your kids with you – there is nothing sweeter than watching your child dote over another little baby!

3 ~ Two Different Colored Shoes Day: Have fun with this one!  Participating is easy: just wear 2 different colored shoes!

4 ~ Star Wars Day: “May the Forth be with you” – Visit our Star Wars Pinterest Board for fun ways to celebrate!

5 ~ Cartoonists Day:  Do you have a favorite cartoonist to celebrate?  If not – be one!  Create a cartoon character and write him a story.

6 ~ No Homework Day: Don’t get in trouble with your teachers – but if possible, celebrate a day with no homework!

7 ~ Free Comic Book Day: Apparently some Comic Book stores recognize today as an opportunity to giveaway a free comic book to spark a love for comics!  Head to your local comic store to see if they participate… if not, use the opportunity to discover a comic you’re interested in anyhow!

8 ~ Lemonade Day: Whether you like it fresh squeezed, or pink – celebrate today with a tall glass of refreshing lemonade!

9 ~ Lost Sock Memorial Day: Go through your basket of single socks and pair as many as possible – take the lonely socks and make sock puppets with the kids!

10 ~ Mother Ocean Day:  Celebrate with this Ocean Themed Snack or one of these Ocean Themed Crafts

11 ~ Eat What you Want Day: Need we say more?  #nomnomnom

12 ~ Limerick Day: Learn about Limericks, read some, and write your own!

13 ~ Frog Jumping Day: Have a competition – who can frog jump the highest?  The farthest? And the most times in a row?

14 ~ Chicken Dance Day: Keep being silly!  Have a Chicken Dance Party – keep the fun going with other silly songs!

15 ~ Chocolate Chip Day: Grab a bag and snack away – or incorporate Chocolate Chips into your favorite foods like Chocolate Chip Pancakes, or Chocolate Chip Cookies!

16 ~ Drawing Day: Break out pencils, markers and crayons so that you can enjoy a day full of doodles and drawing!

17 ~ World Baking Day: Bake with your kids!  Let them learn about measuring the ingredients, oven safety and more. Then enjoy a sweet treat at the end of the day!

18 ~ Museum Day: Visit a new (or favorite) museum today!

19 ~ May Ray Day: Summer is almost here and on May Ray Day we get outside an enjoy the sun!

20 ~ Pizza Party Day:  Make your own pizzas on English Muffins – or order delivery.  Everyone loves a Pizza Party!

21 ~ Learn to Swim Day: Head out to a local pool (indoor if its still chilly) and brush up on swimming skills and pool safety!

22 ~ Maritime Day: Spend today learning about boats!  Visit a maritime museum, or check some boat books out of the library.  HERE is a collection of fun boat crafts!

23 ~ Turtle Day: Whether your ideal turtle is a green reptile, of the teenage mutant ninja variety, or a chocolate treat – enjoy some turtles today!

24 ~ Tiara Day: Make a fun tiara (or crown) out of pipe cleaners with your kids and wear them proudly!

25 ~ Tap Dance Day: Tape some quarters to the bottom of your shoes and have a dance party!  Instant tap dancing!

26 ~ Blueberry Cheesecake Day: I love the sound of these no-bake mason jar blueberry cheesecake desserts!

27 ~ Sunscreen Day: Take this day as a reminder to restock on sunscreen for your family!  Protection from the sun is important.  We keep sunscreen at home and in the diaper bag so we always have it handy when we need it.

28 ~ Hamburger Day: I love this 3d Hamburger art project – it’d be great to accompany the book What Happens to a Hamburger?

29 ~ Learn About Composting Day: Here is a fun Science Experiment you can enjoy at home.

30 ~ Water a Flower Day: You probably have some left over soil from yesterday?  Plant a flower and let your kids help water it so you can watch it grow!  Or, head outside to let the kids help with gardening.  Would you rather apply this towards a science experiment?  Here is a fun idea!

31 ~ Macaroon Day: Follow this recipe to make some delicious macaroons at home!


(click on the image below to be redirected to a downloadable PDF on Dropbox)

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  1. Super fun days to celebrate. The chicken dance is my all time favorite dance to do at a wedding reception. I bet my girls would love the color changing flowers.

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