Celebrate Gummy Worm Day on July 15th!

Yum - love this quick and easy treat and the worms make it so fun! EveryMomDay.com
Celebrate Gummy Worm Day with this quick and easy treat everyone will love! - EveryMomDay.com

July 15th is “Gummy Worm Day” and what better way to celebrate than one of my favorite desserts: Worms in Dirt!

It’s a favorite for a few reasons:

  • It is pretty quick and easy with only a handful of common ingredients
  • It is chocolate AND includes Oreos
  • It’s kept refrigerated and makes a perfect summer snack

So, let’s get started… what you need:

  • Chocolate Instant Pudding Mix:  I used the larger box 5.9 oz box, either will do (it also comes in a 3.9 oz box) – the consistency will just be slightly different!
  • Milk (2-3 cups depending on the size of the pudding mix you use!)
  • Cool Whip – 8oz container
  • Oreos – at least 20 cookies, one regular package of Double Stuffed did it for me and I had “leftovers”
  • Gummy Worms – at least one for each cup.  I’d get at least 12 from the bulk candy section.
  • Plastic Cups – I like being able to see the snack’s layers, I needed 10 cups, but it will depend on how full you make them, etc.
Celebrate Gummy Worms Day with this quick and easy treat that everyone is sure to love! Click To Tweet

Step 1: Using a whisk, mix the pudding according to directions (with the milk) and let it set in the bowl for approximately 5 minutes

Step 2: While it’s setting, crush approximately 10 Oreos into fine pieces; then whisk the cool whip and Oreo pieces in with the pudding.  (I used this handy OXO chopper to crush the cookies – SO much easier than a rolling pin or doing it by hand!)

Step 3: Spoon the pudding mixture into the plastic cups, leaving room at the top for more Oreo pieces (I crushed one Oreo per cup).

STEP 4: Refrigerate for at least one hour.  (Putting the cups in a cake pan makes it easier to transfer to/from the fridge!)

Step 5: Immediately before serving, add a gummy worm… or two!

Celebrate Gummy Worm Day with this quick and easy treat everyone will love! - EveryMomDay.com

The kids LOVED them, I LOVED them, and I hope you do too!


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