Celebrate August

June had Father’s Day and Flag Day… July had Independence Day… September has Labor Day… WAIT!  What about August?   August somehow got skipped over in the holiday distribution, but that doesn’t mean that there is nothing fun to celebrate about the 8th month of the year!
Here is a list of daily fun holidays to celebrate this August:
1- Raspberry Cream Pie Day – if you need one, check out this recipe!
2 – Ice Cream Sandwich Day – Grab a couple cookies and a scoop of ice cream and make your own ice cream sandwich!
3 – Watermelon Day – Enjoy a slice of cool refreshing watermelon on a hot summer day.
4 – Assistance Dog Day – There are so many types of service dogs, and they all help make lives of people with disabilities a little safer and easier – read about one of my favorites HERE.
5 – Underwear Day – if your kids are anything like mine, they will be thrilled to celebrate something so “gross” as underwear – “eeeeew!”  – why not take the kids out and let them pick out their own new undies!
6 – Wiggle your Toes Day – Play some “This Little Piggy” with your little ones.
7 – Lighthouse Day – Take a drive to the closest beach and seek out a nearby Lighthouse – if that’s not an option you can check out the library too!
8 – Happiness Happens Day – make a conscious effort to make a stranger happy today.  Remember:  happiness is contagious.
9 – Bowling Day – Have you taken advantage of the Kids Bowl Free program this summer?  A perfect excuse to head out to the local bowling alley!
Celebrate World Lion Day at your local zoo! EveryMomDay.com
10 – World Lion Day – Visit your local Zoo to celebrate the day with our favorite Lions!
11 – Play in the Sand Day – Head to your favorite beach and let the kids play in the sand – take turns burying each other and building sand castles!  If a beach isn’t possible – seek out a sandbox, or create a sensory bin with kinetic sand!
12 – International Youth Day – find out about local youth agencies and find out how you can help – you could consider donating some time, money, or supplies!
13 – International Lefthanders Day – make a card for someone who is left-handed.  Try writing the card with your left hand!
14 – Creamsicle Day – enjoy your favorite flavor of creamsicle today!  Here is a recipe we may try!
15 – Relaxation Day – Sometimes we need a break from all the fun and excitement – put your feet up and relax!.
16 – Tell a Joke Day – Head to the library and check out a joke book with the kids (read ahead to 8/17 for a good book to check out in preparation)!
17 – Black Cat Appreciation Day – Black cats are often the last to get adopted – if you are considering adopting a cat, visit some of the black cats at the local animal shelter! Read a Pete the Cat book, a Bad Kitty book, or create your own black cat from construction paper!
18 – Mail Order Catalog Day – I am sure there is some potential in this… the kids can cut out letters, numbers, and pictures and make a collage!  Is it too early to think about Christmas wish lists?
19 – Photography Day – snap a picture of your kids enjoying summer and post it to Facebook and/or Twitter with #EveryMomDay Lets see all of the kiddos in action!
Dance your heart out - it's Radio Day! EveryMomDay.com
20 – Radio Day – Turn the TV off and the radio on.  Hold a dance party in the comfort of your own home!
21 – Senior Citizens Day – Recognize a senior citizen today.  Bring them a card, or have the kids draw them a picture.  You could also contact a local nursing home to see if there are opportunities to visit with a resident who may not get visits from their families.
22 – Be An Angel Day – Put others before yourself through an act of kindness.
23 – Ride The Wind Day – this day celebrates the first man-powered flight.  Fly a kite, make paper airplanes, or just act like airplanes in the back yard.
24 – Pluto’s Demotion Day – on this date in 2006, Pluto was demoted from a planet to a dwarf planet.  Learn about the solar system today: identify constellations at night time, or draw a picture of the solar system with the kids.
25 – Kiss and Make-up Day – the amount of disagreements between loved ones varies from couple-to-couple.  Use this day to remind you of the importance of kissing and making up!  If you haven’t had a disagreement recently, kiss and make up anyhow!  (this also works with your children)
26 – Dog Day – if you have a pooch, pamper him today!  If not, consider buying a bone for a friends pup, or coloring some puppy pictures.
27 – Tug-of-War Day – gather some neighborhood friends and a rope and let your kids experience some old-fashioned tug-of-war today!
28 – Bow Tie Day – if you have a son who will allow it, dress him in a fancy bow tie today!  If not, cut out a bow shape and let the kids decorate it – then glue it to a craft stick to make a fun photo prop to play with!
29 – More Herbs, Less Salt Day – instead of seasoning your meal with salt today, try spicing it up with some fresh herbs! Your health will thank you! Here is some info on replacing salt. (not the most kid-friendly day – but your health is important too!)
30 – Toasted Marshmallow Day – eat them on their own or as a S’more,  as if you needed an excuse to eat a S’more!
31 – Trail Mix Day – create your own family trail mix and let the kids help!  Include dried fruits, nuts and energy snacks.

Did you JUST realize you missed one of your favorite fun holidays?  No worries, celebrate at your convenience!

*Click the image to download & print  the PDF!

Celebrate fun EveryMomDay in August! EveryMomDay.com
Happy August Everyone!

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