Baby Food Recipes Made Easy with Gerber Lil’Bits

A huge thank you to Gerber Lil’Bits for sponsoring this article on Baby Food Recipes!  When I blog about our experiences I am always honest and only share my own thoughts and opinions!

There are many ways in which parenting a 4th child is different than being a first-time parent.

One thing that has not changed is how we FEED our kids!

One thing that has not changed, is the way we feed our kids.  Gerber makes feeding baby quick and easy, without sacrificing nutrition.  We’re now at the stage where she is ready to move on from smooth purees to table foods, and Gerber 3rd Foods with Lil’ Bits are the perfect transition!   Each Lil’ Bits™ recipe is made with perfectly sized soft pieces of fruits and/or veggies to help the little ones learn and master chewing.  Gerber 3rd Foods Lil’ Bits Ingredients are carefully selected to meet the high-quality standards of GERBER® – with no added starch, artificial colors or flavors.

Serve the meals on their own, or as the primary ingredient for some amazing baby food recipes!  With summer turning to fall, we most recently experimented with this fun, tasty and easy twist on a Thanksgiving meal using Gerber Lil’Bits Autumn Vegetable & Turkey Dinner and some Jellied Cranberry Sauce – because what is Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce!?

These baby-approved recipes are quick and easy with Gerber Lil'Bits!

Preparing it was as easy as slicing off a serving of the Jellied Cranberry Sauce and mixing it in with the Gerber Lil’Bits Autumn Vegetable & Turkey Dinner.    Because it’s jellied, it does mash down fairly easily to mix into the Lil’Bits dinner.  Remember to always test the food to ensure that it’s a texture your baby can handle!

*TIP* if you want a smoother mix, heat the cranberry sauce slightly and mix it until smooth prior to adding it to the Lil’Bits dinner.  Always test the temperature before serving to your little one! 

These baby-approved recipes are quick and easy with Gerber Lil'Bits!

Gerber 3rd Foods with Lil’ Bits have helped create a great dining experience for our family.  These prepared meals allow us to expose our little one to a wide variety of new tastes and textures while confidently offering her well-rounded and nutritious meal options.

These baby-approved recipes are quick and easy with Gerber Lil'Bits!

Gerber Lil’Bits are available in the following delicious options:

Learn more about Gerber 3rd Foods with Lil’ Bits by visiting their website.  #GerberBabies

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