Apple Pie Cupcakes

Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing! EveryMomDay.comI received product and/or compensation in consideration for this review, all opinions are my own. Read full disclosure here. (Originally posted at

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Representing NY State is the apple! The apple is the state fruit, and we’ve collected some amazing recipes for you here – make sure you only use NY Apples and Eggland’s Best eggs for the BEST results! I love Eggland’s Best eggs because of all the added nutritional benefits: they have less saturated fat and calories, and more Omega 3’s, Lutein and vitamins D, B, and E than other eggs. I’d like to share my nomination for America’s Best Recipe: Apple Pie Cupcakes!

Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing!

My kids and I have recently gotten into the TV show Cupcake Wars (it’s on Netflix!) so I knew I wanted to make cupcakes and incorporate Apples (New York City is called the Big Apple for a reason, right?!). I found out that not only are apples the state fruit, but apple muffins are the official state muffins! Who knew? If New York were to have a state cupcake I’d be willing to bet THIS would be it!

And they are not difficult at all! You could be creative with the type of cake you use for the cupcake – but we love the butter recipe yellow cakes – they have them in store brand and name brand varieties). Check your specific box for ingredients but mine called for butter, water, and Eggland’s Best eggs. Eggland’s Best Eggs can be found in most supermarkets across the country. Click here for a store near you. Cook the cupcakes as directed. While they are cooking open a jar of apple pie filling and dice it up with a knife so that the pieces are small and you can use it to fill your cupcakes when they are ready.
Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing!
I also like to make my frosting now – while the cupcakes are cooking and cooling – so it’s ready to go! You will blend the butter, cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla until it is light and fluffy. Then add the confectioners sugar one cup at a time. The milk should be added at the very end.
Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing! EveryMomDay.comAfter the cupcakes have cooled completely, use a knife to core out a piece of the middle – don’t go too deep or too wide – you want the cupcakes to hold together! Spoon a little pie filling into your cupcake and place the cored middle piece back on top. Then you are ready to frost the cupcakes and garnish with (optional) cinnamon and/or an apple slice. See the full recipe below!
Apple Pie Cupcakes are pretty easy to make, look fancy, and taste amazing! EveryMomDay.comEnter today and you could be the Grand Prize Winner and win $10,000. One winner from each state will compete for a $1,000 “Best in Region” prize, and the winners of “Best in Region” will go head-to-head to determine just who has America’s Best Recipe. For complete Contest rules, click here. Entries are being accepted from Feb 8 – April 29. Click here to enter now!

Eggland's Best is looking for America's Best Recipe - Enjoy this Apple Pie Cupcake for some inspiration!

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  1. Sounds yummy.
    I had no idea that states had official fruits.. I will have to find out what California’s is.

    1. There are so many states that have random “official” things: fruits, foods, cakes, etc. I had fun looking through lists when I wrote this!

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