About Me

Hi! I’m Meg.

I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and spent time in Buffalo, NY (Go Bills!) and Washington, D.C before relocating to Phoenix, AZ where I now live with my husband and four daughters.  I recently made a career change and became a stay at home mom – by far the most rewarding career change so far!

I’ve noticed that, EveryMomDay follows a similar pattern:

  • Coffee ~ I start my day with a little “me time.”  I always try to wake up before the rest of the household so that I can really enjoy a cup of my favorite coffee.  I use the time to reflect on issues that matter most to me, which occasionally change, but are often related to my views on parenting, and entrepreneurship.
  • Crayons ~ Once the kids are up we spend most of the day playing/learning (the same thing!) through crafts, recipes, outings and more.
  • Chardonnay ~ After bedtime, my husband and I have made it a habit to spend time together.  I enjoy a glass of wine, while he enjoys a craft beer.  We enjoy binge-watching Netflix, debating hot topics, fantasy-football, and being weird!

I look forward to sharing some of these aspects of my life with you through this blog, and social media.  I hope that we will laugh, learn, relate, and grow together!


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